23 October 2020, Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens, Greece
"Greece, Britain and Global Challenges"

This year we took a step further and explored new approaches on areas where the UK and Greece can work together to address wider challenges and contribute to shaping the global agenda. The overall event theme was Greece, Britain and global Challenges and the four sessions sought to tackle the issues of: Climate & Energy; The Future of Work; Mobility, Travel and Migration; and China. There was an obvious and important COVID-19 slant to all these themes, but the pandemic did not entirely monopolise discussions.

17-19 October 2019, Nafplia Palace, Nafplio, Greece
"UK-Greece: Building on the past, embracing the future"

On 17-19 October, 80 influencers in the UK-Greece relationship gathered once more in Greece’s former capital Nafplion to discuss a wide range of bilateral issues: energy & geopolitics; shipping; education; research & technology; soft power/science diplomacy; philanthropy; and diaspora. Participants included established leaders from academia, politics, media and business; and potential future movers and shakers. Despite a live backdrop of Brexit developments, the tone was markedly future-focussed, generating a wealth of opportunities for follow-up.

18 - 20 October 2018, Ditchley Park, Oxfordshire, UK
“Openness & Εξωστρέφεια”

The over-arching theme of Symposium 2018 was Openness & Εξωστρέφεια, and this concept framed the discussion across a range of topics. Sessions included; technology’s role in driving economic growth in key UK-Greek sectors; foreign policy in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans; achieving balance between openness and security in the face of new threats; and developing the UK-Greek relationship in education, research and beyond. Symposium 2018 was again an exclusive event for our invited speakers and guests and accommodation and logistical support was provided for all those involved.

19 -21 October 2017, Nafplia Palace, Nafplio, Greece
"Change in Europe"

Symposium 2017 took place in the beautiful and fitting setting of Nafplio, the former capital and birthplace of modern Greek democracy. Our inaugural Symposium focussed on the theme of Change in Europe, with sessions covering security, international growth and investment, and developing the bilateral relationship between the UK and Greece. Our speakers, panellists and moderators were drawn from politics, business, academic and media bringing  their wide-ranging expertise and experience to the discussion.