The Greek-British Symposium is a bilateral forum - a privately led and sponsorship-funded initiative, delivered by the organisers of the Delphi Economic Forum with the support of the British Embassy Athens and the British Council. It was launched in October 2017, in Nafplion, Greece. We continued the next year in Ditchley Park in the UK, and returned to Nafplion in 2019. This year the Symposium took place in hybrid format – part physical in central Athens, but mostly via digital platform. 

The Greek-British Symposium is an opportunity to bring together an exclusive but diverse selection of leaders in policy, business, academia, media and culture from the UK and Greece to discuss issues at the forefront of global and regional development under the Chatham House Rule, whilst fostering personal relations and forging a better understanding of the dynamics developing within and between our two countries in a convivial and inspiring set up. 

The Symposium is run by an 11-member-strong Steering Committee headed by two Co-Chairs (British and Greek).