Global supply chains in an age of geo-political uncertainty –
a South Eastern Europe perspective
October 10-12 2024

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We launched the Greek-British Symposium in October 2017 in the historic city of Nafplio, Greece. The Greek-British Symposium is a privately led and sponsorship-funded initiative in partnership with the British Embassy in Athens and the Greek Embassy in London, delivered by the Delphi Economic Forum. Its mission is to strengthen the links between the two countries to mutual benefit. The Symposium is an annual, by invitation only, event which brings together leaders in politics, business, academia, media and culture from the UK and Greece for an exchange of views and ideas on the challenges and opportunities facing our countries and on how to enrich the relationship between them.

Energy security came to the forefront because of the Russian invasion in the Ukraine whilst sustainability remains a major global objective. A new landscape is emerging, where both Greece and the UK have to establish their position. Europe is trying to secure its energy and reduce CO2 emissions across the board. The UK is currently a nuclear, fossil fuels and renewables energy producer with interconnection needs. Greece, on the other hand, is a renewables player and aspires to become a major energy hub, connecting the south and east with Europe. Security requirements, geopolitics, environmental considerations and technology are bound to be critical in crafting the new arrangements. 


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